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Vietnam is still facing big
water issues


of drinking water
is contaminated

A big water crisis in Vietnam is happening with high potential health consequences. Contaminated with E. Coli bacteria, fecal bacteria very dangerous for health.

Source: UNICEF survey 2021, 12 000 samples

Unstable tap quality

Linked to urbanization, raw water source quality is impacted by poor wastewater management + saltwater intrusion, hence the quality of Tap water (heavy metals, pesticides, etc).

Very bad control of jugs Market

Informal water bottling has recently exploded to face increasing demand with very limited control. People with low budget cannot afford more and are taking high risks for their health…

High health risk short and long term

Listen to Dr Phan Thanh Tung and discover what are the impacts on your family health to drink safe water.

The quality of the water we drink can have a profound impact on
our health. Unsafe water may content harmful chemicals like lead, copper, arsenic and industrial pollutants.

Prolonged exposure to contaminated water can weaken our immune system, causing kidney disease, liver problems, even an increased risk of certains cancers.

of children under age 5 with diarrhea in the last 2 weeks (UNICEF).
of factory workers and their children experienced health problems related to environment, food and water in the past month

Owe Purified, the smartest solution for your family to stay healthy everyday!

  • Owe provides completely pure and international french quality drinking water
  • With a unique and sweet taste
  • At a very reasonable price, to support every family stay healthy every day

We decided to subsidize Owe price to ensure every family in Vietnam can have access to a safe water. It is our social mission.

The recommended retail price subsidized by Owe is 25K VND including transport fee. The actual price may vary based on the delivery distance from your retailer.

Owe Thumbnail

19L Bottle

25 000 VND

An International Quality

Founded in France, Owe Water is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in water quality and treatment control.

We brings Complete Purity a “zero risk” water with No Nasties respecting international quality standards of the World Health Organization, to ensure you give the safest water to your family.

01. Advanced Technology

We use reverse osmosis (R.O.), ultraviolet (U.V.) and ozone treatment for water purification to ensure its quality.

Advanced Tech

02. Imported US Technology

We combine the use of modern US technology to the French expertise and competence on production standards to ensure the quality of our products.

Advanced Tech

03. International Experts

In the Owe team, we have the chance to benefits from experts around the world and create a water of quality every day!

Advanced Tech

04. Clean & Regularly Replaced Jug

We replace our bottles very often to ensure they remain clean and without bacteria.

Advanced Tech

05. Controlled Procedures

We commit in stringent hygiene regulation & standards of production through Owe Water team training.

Advanced Tech

06. Systematized Water Testing

We test the water on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to guarantee water quality and consistent taste.

Advanced Tech

Why They Choose Owe

Many people in this neighbourhood also drink this. What’s most important is that it’s safe to drink.
Ms Chim Thi Thai
Before, I used to boil tap water. It was quite exhausting, and it felt unsafe. I was afraid that it might affect the grandchildren’s health.
"I switched to Owe and have been using it since. I feel safer to used to make milk. For families like mine, using Owe gives us peace of mind. It is cheap and safe. I am happy that I bought it for my grandchild”
Ms Phan Hong Hanh
Owe really care about the health of the working class people. So I really resonate with the value Owe brings to the people. That’s why I want to cooperate with them for as long as I can.
Mr Le Thanh Sinh
Owe Retailer in District 6
My shop has been around for 7 years now. I’ve been selling Owe water for 5 of those years. I personally use Owe water in my day to day. Furthermore Owe is a very human-centric company.
Mr Nguyen Chi Linh
Owe Retailer

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