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Do great business by supporting a unique brand and a social cause.

Discover why our retailers decide to engage with Owe and why they stay!

  • A high quality and affordable product liked by Vietnamese families
  • With a very good service level and support to sell
  • And a unique social mission to support local families: a good way to be part of the Owe journey and support the local community

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Owe Retailers

Meet Mr Nguyen Chi Linh, Owe Retailer

My shop has been around for 7 years now. I’ve been selling Owe water for 5 of those years. I personally use Owe water in my day to day. Furthermore Owe is a very human-centric company.
Mr Nguyen Chi Linh
Owe Retailer
Mr Le Thanh Sinh, Owe Retailer in District 6

Owe really care about the health of the working class people. So I really resonate with the value Owe brings to the people. That’s why I want to cooperate with them for as long as I can.
Mr Le Thanh Sinh
Owe Retailer in District 6
Ms Pham Thi Duyen, Owe Retailer in Binh Chanh District

Owe water is both high quality and affordable and that’s why most people choose Owe, I get more profit selling Owe water. For resellers like myself, Owe allowed us to loan the bottles. The usually come down here to support me.
Ms Pham Thi Duyen
Owe Retailer in Binh Chanh District

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we can grow together

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Owe Retailers Img
Owe Retailers Img

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