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A tailor-made project
for each company

You are a B to B and you want to find a high quality and affordable water for your workers and employees to strengthen their health?

Discover the “Water for Workers” Program! An impactful project that can be part of CSR Policies with direct impact on the health of workers and their families.

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Free water test diagnostic on current drinking water sources
at factory

Water at Work

Provide pure and healthy drinking water at the workspace at an affordable and competitive price
Water At Work


We provide education to employees about the importance of consuming safe water for their own health as well as that of their families.

Water at Home

Pick & collect or Door-to-door delivery of Owe Water jugs for
Water At Home

Discover what we implemented at Biti’s!

Biti’s was one of our very first partner and what we implemented there represent perfectly what we aim for: a partnership that support every workers to have access to a safer water at work and at home for their families.

Ms Giang
Owe Water for Workers program is a very powerful tool of employee engagement around key CSR subjects in Vietnam.Water Quality is key for everyone’s health.  We are very happy to work with them, and we highly recommend you engaging your company in the same journey!
Ms Giang
CSR Manager Biti's
When Biti’s staff was introduced to Owe, I saw that Owe water was superior to other brands on the market. And we got special discounts as well. Their pricing suited me so I tried it out. I’ve been drinking Owe for 2 years. I always use Owe water for my children.
Whether it is for cooking or making milk, I always use Owe. Because I know this water is clean, I know my family is always safe.
Mr. Do Trong Tien
Biti's Employee

Care for the Health of your Workers and their families through Safe & Pure Water, everyday!

Increase the Health, Efficiency and Loyalty of your workers. (in Cambodia, Owe Water reduces absenteeism of children by up to 75%)

Have access to highly purified and affordable water: your employees are satisfied and you make some savings.

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