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Empowering Communities: The owe Water Initiative by 1001fontaines

Owe Water is established by the French non profit organization 1001fontaines, focusing in providing access to safe drinking water worldwide.

Created in 2004, 1001fontaines has demonstrated the efficiency and sustainability of this model with more than 1M drinkers all around the world.

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About Owe

Where are we operating?

1001fontaines has expanded its networks, for the past 20 years, in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Madagascar, and now Vietnam with the brand Owe Water.



In 2019, 1001Fontaines also marked a milestone with
its expansion in Vietnam. Operating under the name
Owe Water, we now have one factory and can supply 6500 thousand liters of water per day.

Open since2019
Customers50 000
Factory Workers6 000
People Working at Owe30
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From 2005 to 2007, 1001fontaines began testing the Water Kiosk model in 60 villages in Northwestern Cambodia. As of now, there are 260 Water Kiosks in Cambodia, providing 430 thousand liters of clean water per day and creating jobs for 930 local employees.

Open since2005
Nhà máy01
Liters of safe water produced every day560000
People Working At Owe1040
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In Madagascar, 1001fontaines has encountered challenges in scaling up and adapting its clean water model. However, it has still made a significant impact. To date, their clean water source has served more than 22,000 people, and the project has also played a role in supporting the Feminist movement by creating jobs for local women in human resources.

Open since2008
Customers40 000
Liters of safe water produced every day50 000
People Working at Owe60
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Partnership with Uttaran since 2024.

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Owe, A unique mission to support every vietnamese families

Owe is a unique social company on Vietnamese water market, enabling every families to stay healthy everyday!

Zreo Risk Water
A Zero risk water

Owe has created a highly purified water with no nasties (no bacteria, no heavy metals, no persticides, no micro-plastics) thanks to a 6 steps US technology. We respect International Quality standards.

About Owe
Fits all budgets

We are a social company, we accept to maintain very affordable prices for all families. It is our main mission! Recommended price is only 25K.

Sweet Taste
Sweet taste

95% of Owe users think taste is very good!

Caring For Community
Caring for the community

We continuously support the local community on a daily basis (COVID hospitals & Health centers, poor list People Committee, etc…)

Discover how do we test our water to ensure high quality

We brings Complete Purity a “zero risk” water with No Nasties respecting international quality standards of the World Health Organization, to ensure you give the safest water to your family.

Owe is transparent : Quality reports on Owe Water are available here!

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